Customer service: This course will help improve your customers experience through the quality of service. This particular Customer Service course is not aimed at helping you satisfy your customers, but AMAZE them!

Essential Management: This course is designed to provide a road map for managers to improve  productivity,getting the best out of their subordinates as well as themselves.

Customer relationship management: It is vital for every business to learn the art of maintaining an excellent relationship with their customers even as they work towards add to their customer base.Customer relationship management is the only guarantee of  success and continuity of any business.

Selling and sales effectiveness: Contrary to popular belief, selling does not necessarily require much talking . Successful negotiations is key to successful selling.It is imperative therefore to master the  appropriate selling skill for both outside and executive sales so as to be effective and obtain the desired results.

Leadership Development: Leadership ability has long been associated with age. Aspects that make for great leadership like professionalism, building trust,credibility, respect, improving ways of engaging subordinates, focus and discipline have been proven to be more learnable than inherent. This could be why Mark Zuckerberg- a teenager at the time-did not bring in a C.E.O when he started Facebook!

Presentation skills: Presenting has many facets, such as,facilitating, negotiation, persuasion,team building, vocal skills and body language. This particular course aims at providing an in-depth understanding on how to effectively employ these tools in your presentations  to obtain the desired results which is to drive the message across as well as make the presenter stand out!

Entrepreneurship development: This course is designed to help budding entrepreneurs implement their business idea and develop a strategy for growing their businesses later on diversify and create other streams of income from that one business and above all to create in them an entrepreneural mindset. Entrepreneurship unlike other skills, is not confined to a particular area-the job.It is a lifestyle.

Exceptional Personal secretaries training: The Executive PA is in a position of special responsibility; supporting directors and senior managers and playing a pivotal role in the management team requires a proactive approach and range of communications and organizational skills.This course will help PAs and front office operators find solutions to common problems whilst learning new techniques for assertiveness and building confidence.