ICT Solutions

We offer ICT solutions to companies/organisations.

Photo ID Card Software for Large Organizations
Quickly enroll new cardholders, capture photo, signature, and biometrics, lookup and manage existing records and print ID cards one at a time or in batches using ID Flow.

Design professional ID cards — ID Flow offers design tools typically found only in professional graphic design suites and unmatched by any other ID card software. Add text, logos, graphics, photos, signatures, and biometrics to your badge design.

Integrate with existing system — Directly connect to any existing database via a live connection and integrate with existing HR, ERP, and access control systems without any import or export. Print ID cards in the background from a third party software or web application using the command line utility.

Other ICT solutions that we offer include:

  • Access control system integration
  • Photo capture with snap-to-face
  • Read / write smart cards
  • Use MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, ODBC
  • Design and print photo ID cards