Enough Room for everyone to succeed!
Whenever I think of the above statement the first thing that comes to mind is the MPESA.MPESA agents are on every street corner and new others pop up daily yet no one yet none of them think the other is a threat.The world is an oyster and everyone can and should win, some more than others definitely but we all get to win.However,there is need to be creative if we are to survive in this competitive business environment.A company like Coca Cola for instance can seat on its laurels and enjoy the longevity of its brand in the market but instead it’s pumping a reasonable percentage of its budget in advertising and re inventing itself.
That is Coca cola a world renowned brand.Then there is the rest of us that are just getting started.How in the world can we compete with such big corporations? But then again who says we have to compete?Truth is we do not.When we look at all things in the light of competition, it is easy to get immobilized into inactivity and discouraged.We need to focus on what we have to offer and build on that.

Customers for every business
Sometimes no matter how good a service is, there will be customers who prefer something else. Not necessarily better or worse than the other, just different. What am I saying? It is a great disservice to oneself and to the potential customers to not venture into a business on reason that everyone is in the same business.

You are a match for the competition and its a match for you
I don’t think there would be any innovations or need for creativity if not for competition.Competition is the driving force behind the success of every business. It should not be looked at as a threat, as a matter of fact we should embrace it and use it to make us grow and propel us forward.On the same note,we should not invest too much of our time and energy looking over our shoulders at what the next guy is doing that we lose focus on our game.What we are supposed to do and focus on is US and bettering our business and improving our craft and let the rest take care of itself.

Stealing clients never pays off
As they say ,all is fair in love and war and business most times is war.Survival for the fittest.I know some businesses like insurance necessitates that one either stops insuring with one to insure with the other.However, I do not think “stealing clients” ensures sustainability in any business.It’s like a pastoralist forcing sheep to eat from certain pastures that may or may not be appealing to them. What the former is supposed to do is focus on making the pastures green and appealing the sheep and automatically they will come.

Learn on the daily
Lazy readers shouldn’t be lazy listeners.Not everyone likes to read. Whichever way you learn, do it consistently and as often as possible.Growth doesn’t come but by learning. Some learn best through mistakes and we have had a fair share of lessons instilled in us by such means. We should not be afraid to make them, they are part and the best part of our growth.

Separate the business from the owner of the business.
Business is an entity and one needs to separate the business from its owner.A neighbour of mine ran his kiosk to the ground because all his household supplies were obtained from it and never accounted for.One of the people I look up to-Richard Branson was making millions but still leaving off of other people’s pockets.Now many would think he was being miserly or a hippie as many know him to be, but he knew to separate the two entities.The likes of me find that unfathomable!We are used to raising the standards of our lives in proportion to our incomes and complaining that money is never enough.

Re-invest back into the business.
A friend of mine passed by his uncle’s fridge repairing business and was wondering why after over 30 years the owner has not taken up the entire street and doesn’t have ten branches across the country. I told him that may not be his plan and maybe he wants the business to be small and manageable.I didnt really believe that and I am yet to meet a person who does not want to grow his business.
The whole point of having a successful business is so one can enjoy the good things in life.However the latter should not come before the former.One should re-invest back into his/her businesses until it gives him/her the lifestyle that they want. And of course someone from my village will come up with a question like.“What if I die before living in that good house whilst busy re-investing back into my business?’.And my answer would be, you will die anyway.

Have fun and stay in your lane
Make sure you are having fun doing life and that includes work. People who are not having fun tend to compartmentalize life into,work, play, kids,mother-in law, vacations,weekends etc.One of my favorite scriptures say “whatever you find to do, do it with all your might”.According to this statement, we first have to do the finding before the doing.In other words our first job on this earth is to find out what we would do with all our might and the rest will just take care of itself.We wont have to work up any enthusiasm for it and we will always be excited to wake up to do it everyday.With that said, have a great life and live it to its absolute fullest!

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