The rave reviews from the first blog post The Power of Starting has prompted me to continue on the same subject. Since many have the WHY part covered, I thought we should try tackling the HOW.One person commented that it is the HOW to start doing that which they are purposed to do especially when one does no even know what it is, that is a challenge.I am not really an authority in this and whatever I am going to share may not necessarily be applicable to you; but read on.I promise you will be enticed.

For the longest time, I did not know what my purpose in this life was and it did not bother me.It was when I began to feel deep dissatisfaction towards my job that my search for purpose began.Like me, there are many who go about life blindly bumping into what IS NOT before finding what is.The important thing is to start and continue the search until you find it.One of my favorite fiction authors, Nora Roberts says about her search“I tried knitting, baking, sewing everything to fill that void only writing could”.Even Nora had to kiss several frogs before finding that Prince!

God has deposited in you everything you need (purpose,gift, resources) to live the life of your dreams.Your job is to align that purpose with your gifts and build a set of skills around them to enhance and propel you forward. Sometimes our purpose comes to us as an idea,not necessarily a brilliant one.However instead of executing it, we tend to come up with all sorts of reasons as to why it cant work. Someone else comes along and executes the exact same idea and we begin to wish we had too upon seeing theirs flourish.Do yourself a favor today and start executing the idea you have been seating on.But what if it fails you ask. Well, what if it succeeds? Ever thought of that? And even if it fails, you have still succeeded against the enemy called procrastination- and that is the first step towards success.

Whats in your heart?
Not everyone has a very obvious gift like Beyonce and Lupita Nyong’o. Some are gifted at not being gifted(kidding!).Everyone is gifted at something.God made sure of that.No one was sent on this earth to do nothing (read on Nick Vujicic and every doubt you had about yourself will ebb away).However, no matter how good you at your job/work , if it is not aligned with your purpose and your gift, you will never be fulfilled.It might also take forever to get that corner office and when you do, you will not be able to shake off that feeling of being in the middle of everything and being surrounded by nothing.Do what’s in your heart and you wont have to look back and wonder if you made the right decision.

What if doing what is in my heart cannot sustain me?
Everything if done super enough can be monetized!You mean even watching series?Yes, even that.You can always sell the DVDs afterwards or better yet open a store that sells them.

What comes naturally to you?
Getting out of a comfort zone has often been misconstrued as doing that which is hard to us.That which does not come naturally to us. Nothing can be further from the truth.No one has ever really succeeded by doing something they weren’t wired for.That is not to say one can not succeed at anything they set their minds to do, evidently humans ( and a few animals) have proven time and time again that it is possible.I personally hate numbers and my brain refuses to articulate anything numerical besides my age and income.However, I was the best student in Commercial subjects in Form 2.Well, I had to choose between sciences and commercial subjects and the latter was the lesser of the two evils. While I had to mobilize every fibre of my body to complete a sum, a left-brain dominant person like my friends Glory and Doris could do it in their sleep. TD Jakes once said on Oprah “A speaker can serve the purpose of a chair.However that is not what it was designed for.If the owner therefore decides to use it as such, it will eventually malfunction”. It’s the same with us humans, you cant rise above mediocrity if your functioning outside your purpose.

If you did not have bills to pay, what would you do?
Okay, do not tell me you would be eating and sleeping and watching series after series. Even that gets boring after some time.If you do not know the answer to the above question,your job is to find that out. Otherwise you will be wondering aimlessly through life!

What do you spend most of your time doing?
No, I am not referring to that job you hate so much.What you do in your spare time? Yes, spending quality time with boo is one but what else?Do not tell me,thats for your to know.

Here comes the big one….

What do you most look up on the internet?
That too I do not want to know but just so you know, it says a lot about your natural inclinations and what your mind gravitates towards.Our lives is a reflection of our minds.Therefore if you are feeding yours junk, it should not come as a surprise to you that your life is just that!

You need to unlearn old beliefs about work.
Many go through motions of life instead of living, others are living the same year 75 times and calling it life. It would help if the year was not so mundane.You are not born to pay bills, take out loans to keep up with the Jones, service those loans and die.There is more to life than that. My mom always says, anything placed at the wrong place is rubbish no matter how beautiful. If you are in entertainment industry watching a film is not a waste of time. If you are in hospitality industry checking a new restaurant is not a waste of your time. However, if carpentry is what keeps you awake at night,and you are in a white coat with a stethoscope hanging over your neck busy playing doctor, you are being rubbish.You are not only wasting time,you are wasting life. Quit being rubbish and start living your truest, most authentic form of yourself. You only have one life, please make it count!

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