Most people procrastinate, paralyze themselves into inactivity by over analyzing situations. They want to wait until all or most conditions are right before doing anything.Truth is,there is really no such thing as the perfect time or perfect conditions to do anything. The is only time to do what you want with what you have. Some have more than others to start with but not even that matters.What matters is  that THEY START!

So many are very unfulfilled in their jobs and lives. I was one of the many not very long ago.I considered and on somedays did more than consider calling in sick. My life became a game of what excuse I could come up with to not go to work.It got to a point where not even the salary meant anything to me, not that I was being paid much. And my performance wasn’t exactly impressive. I had become the epitome of mediocrity. Les Brown better describes it as “Working just enough not to be fired and being paid just enough not to quit”.

When the environment got too toxic, I could barely stand it, I decided to START paying attention to what was in my heart. Somehow it knew better the direction my life should go than I did.The first thing I had to do was to unlearn/ tune out negative reports about myself. These negative voices are:

  1. I am not good enough( I do not have enough experience, am not old/young enough etc).Surprisingly,a few people believed in me so much I had no choice but to start believing in myself. My mother for one, believes I can beat Hillary Clinton in the upcoming American Presidential elections( it doesn’t occur to her I need to be American to even attempt that!).The baseline is, you need to get people/a person in your corner who believes in you so much so you have no choice but to believe in yourself. And if you cant find them, be that person.
  2. The bills are not going to pay themselves: I realized that I was the one who was creating those bills and could easily uncreate them.So I did. I cut everything down to food, shelter(basic one at that) and clothing .
  3. It’s not that bad!In other words, I got accustomed to feeling unfulfilled and it became the norm for me. There is no worse death than that, to die while still alive.
  4. I do not have enough resources:Not even Bill Gates has enough of this. One person once said, if it’s not one thing,it’s the other so one can never have all the resources one needs.

I believe everyone, especially successful people have battled one or all of the above feelings  at some point in their lives.How then did they go on to be successful? I am currently reading a book by Donald Trump and could quote him as his take on this resonated with me. I am not quite sure though that’s a good idea at this particular juncture.However, I can can speak for myself.
I have learnt that the only way to conquer these insecurities and fear is to DO THINGS AFRAID.

I figured I am never going to feel fully confident in anything and I can either seat on the sidelines and watch people live their best lives while I complain about mine or do whilst afraid. I opted for the latter and guess what I discovered? I am still way ahead of many people who are marking another day of not doing anything towards fulfilling their dreams.

Let me be clear on one thing, this is not a call for people to give up their full time jobs and venture into the unknown.I know what huge leap that is. This is a call for people to just START.To start doing that which makes their hearts glad( it better not be watching series!), that which make them lose track of time and most importantly that which they were put on this earth to do. Start doing it for five minutes everyday then increase that to 10 and before you know it you will be doing it all day, everyday! I dare you today,to START.

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